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SPARTA PROJECT: the new frontier of smart parking

2021-03-04 14:13


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PROGETTO SPARTA - foto di uno dei parcheggi

The SPARTA (Smart Parking and Traffic Analysis to Reduce Pollution) research project promoted by Techno DESIGN ended with really positive results


Smart Parking and Traffic Analysis to Reduce Pollution



The SPARTA (Smart Parking and Traffic Analysis to Reduce Pollution) research project, which aimed to study the use of innovative technologies, electronic systems, information systems integrated with IOT (Internet of Things) for management optimal and eco-sustainable flow of vehicular traffic in parking areas.

In detail the project, developed by Techno DESIGN S.r.l. in collaboration between INNOVA S.r.l., CARSO TECHNOLOGIES S.r.l., GREENVULCANO S.r.l., TECH TRON S.r.l., has created an integrated smart parking system that allows the user to choose, via the app, their destination and receive in real time, from the SPARTA system, the indications on the best parking to go to and guided navigation to the designated parking space.

In a nutshell, the complex IT system of calculation SPARTA ("back end"), based on the inputs received in real time from the environmental detection system located on the territory (environmental detection control units and IoT systems of smark parking), processes and communicates with the mobile APP. ("Front end") indicating to the user the freest area, the one closest to a particular POI (Point of interest), with a cheaper price etc.

This data allows the user to choose the car park that best suits their needs and drive towards it guided by the navigation function integrated in the mobile App interface.

One of the objectives of the project (perhaps the most important) was to verify the possibility, through the adoption of the SPARTA system in a particular area, to reduce environmental pollution caused by the exhaust gases of combustion vehicles. The project has evolved in its final phase with a Trial that was carried out in some car parks located in the municipality of Naples.

SPARTA APP project: summary of the data management flow

PROGETTO SPARTA - particolare della progettazione del flusso

SPARTA APP: some phases of the interaction with the user

PROGETTO SPARTA - APP particolare della schermata di registrazionePROGETTO SPARTA - APP schermata menuPROGETTO SPARTA - APP - schermata inserimento targaPROGETTO SPARTA - APP - tab parcheggiPROGETTO SPARTA - APP - simulazione mappa per migliore itinerarioPROGETTO SPARTA - APP - simulazione dei POI nella zona del parcheggio

Smart Parking (IoT & GPS technologies): implementation phases

PROGETTO SPARTA - schema di organizzazione del sistema informaticoPROGETTO SPARTA - vista dall'alto dei parcheggi sensorizzatiPROGETTO SPARTA - sensori sparta nei posti autoPROGETTO SPARTA - particolare del sensore di parcheggioPROGETTO SPARTA - palina informativa di parcheggioPROGETTO SPARTA - schema di funzionamento algoritmo

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