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The Project


Agudio, a company that builds cable cars and funiculars, had the intention of proposing the construction of a funicular cabin for the Enel Luigi Einaudi plant in Entraque which was to transport the dam operators through a tunnel that connects the top of the dam to the production plant of the electric energy. Since the dimensions of the cabin were linked to the tunnel present on the dam plant, the Agudio, not having a product already made available, turned to Carrozzeria Nuova San Leonardo of Salerno requesting it project and construction of the artifact. Carrozzeria Nuova San Leonardo proposed to Techno DESIGN to assist it from the estimate stage of the cabin.


> 01 input

The project activity has had various phases, from the analysis of the input data that represented the layout with the dimensions of the cabin bound, to the tunnel dimensions.
In the first phase, the technical solutions were considered, after various hypotheses in order to be able to contain the weights and have a more corrosion-resistant material, the structure made of aluminum sections was chosen, again in folded aluminum sheet the floor was made inclined that has the shape of a staircase, Carrozzeria Nuova San Leonardo has expressed the problem in welding aluminum profiles that we have solved by recommending another company (Tremsa) for this activity of assembly and welding of the aluminum structure.
For the flatbed we preferred aluminum anti-slip almond plates, these were assembled by bending them and without the aid of a support frame but fitting them into one another so that in addition to closing, they also acted as a supporting structure. the non-use of the structure to hold the platform allowed us to further reduce the final weight.

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> 02 CAD images


> 03 presentation of the project

Once the structure was modeled in 3D with the CAD Software Unigraphics Solution, we proceeded to create, with virtual manuals, an animated presentation that quickly illustrates all the components and the maintenance phases.


> 04 construction drawings


> 05 prototype​


> 06 Final EMF

Subsequently, the FEM verification was carried out, a calculation to verify the structure, to ensure that the cabin was suitable to withstand the static and dynamic stresses and the workloads required. Since the cabin has been designed to work in a tunnel, for safety reasons it has also been requested an impact check: this check must simulate the fall of an object or a stone that can come off the tunnel, inevitably it would hit the cabin, therefore the impact of a stone 50 mm in radius and 5 kg of weight impacted on the window grille and on the roof at the speed of Impact Speed: 4.43 m / s was simulated at the FEM. After making sure that the structure analyzed was able to withstand the impact of the stone, the following were carried out by making the drawings tables necessary for the workshops for the construction.


> 07 soundproofing

Once the structure was established, we proceeded with the help of a specialized company to soundproof the funicular. In the project we tried to make the most of the available space by assuming the rolling on the tracks as the main source of noise. With regard to the condition of operation in tunnels, it remained evident that the presence of large glass surfaces penalized the insulation of the cabin due to the noise reflected from the vault and re-entering from above. The study was therefore based on some assumptions about the arrangement of noise sources, trying to maximize the insulation towards the bottom of the cabin and favoring sound absorption in the upper part in order to reduce the internal reverberation.
In addition, a rapid prototyping cabin was built to present it to the project partners.


> 08 construction

The construction of the structure and the platform was carried out by Tremsa in Agropoli, a company with personnel specialized in aluminum welding. The structure, once finished, was transferred to the Carrozzeria Nuova San Leonardo plant in Salerno which completed the fitting by gluing the external aluminum panels with resin. The windows and the internal formica paneling have been installed. All materials used are certified fireproof. The external and internal elimination, the seats and the door completed the cabin which was tested by the project manager Agudio.


> 09 assembly

Before commissioning in Entraque, the cab was mounted on the Agudio wagon and completed with control panel and control connections.

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